The countdown

Posted: 01/08/2008 in Europe

And so it begins, the countdown to the trip of all trips.  Europe is a mere 25 days away and with the final plans being made it’s all feeling a little surreal.  Walking into Heathrow airport will certainly remove any wonder as to whether this is happening or not, right you are there cobber!  Being the “to do list” girl that I am, my pre Europe planning list is getting shorter, but as fast as things are being crossed off, more still are being added.  Surely it will not come down to writing an exact list of what to take, right down to the exact number of socks?  Then again that may just be important when you think about the sock thief we all have in our homes, you know, the one who strikes before the washing is folded?   The list:

Passport – you mean the one with the really scary photo that makes me look like something Mulder and scully would say “I believe now” about. Yep got it.

Schegen visa – What now?  Whose schegen anyway?

Travel insurance – which company should I let scam me?  Got to get it though.  You’d be surprised how many people we see who are travelling and have no insurance.  “Have a great holiday and here’s a bill for thousands of dollars, cheers now.

Arrange money – so how many cards to take?  A spare one in case one is nicked, a spare for the spare, a spare in case I need to spend more than I budgeted.  Then maybe a cash passport, travellers cheques and debit card….you never know!

Bills – does it matter if I don’t pay them while I’m away, they’ll only cut my power/gas/phone and I wont be there anyway.  etc…etc..

Start a blog page – hah!  Clever me I did it.

Everyone at work is sick of the countdown and I’m not just counting days until I leave but shifts left too.  One collegue has made it less appealing for me to gloat by counting down the days until I come back.  Working night shift will hopefully help me to adjust to the torture of jet lag although looking at it that way does not put night duty nurses in a good light.  “Hi I haven’t slept in forever, I’m on another time zone, I feel like my brain has taken a day off and I just want to have a nap.  I’ll be looking after you tonight, don’t you just feel lucky?”.  Hmmmm.  I can’t understand why people voluntarily choose to do this.  I’ve become some kind of grumpy, snappy person.  I’m yelling at the cutlery when I drop it on the floor, seriously.  I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if I could only make my circadian rhythm do what I want it to do!  Dam circadiam rhythm!  At least all these nights will give me extra money to put on all those cards.

So 9 weeks of backpacking and sight seeing.  I can’t wait, of course I had to say it.  I’ve seen a fair bit of asia before but never Europe.  The worst part of being away will be missing my family and friends.  Who am I kidding, I’ll miss my dog the most!  25 days and 12 shifts to go….


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