Finished Work

Posted: 19/08/2008 in Europe

I can’t believe after all this planning I am almost ready to go and I’ve worked my last 3 night duties for the next 2 months, oh joy and happiness! Of course they were going to be crazy nights wern’t they, no slipping out the door quietly? My first one was spent cleaning poo and washing my hands feriously, ever aware that gastro is not something I want before I go or especially on the plane. The next night was the night from hell, non-stop crazy and of course I get stuck with room 17 and am mopping urine all night because the lovely patient prefers to pee on the wall and floor rather than the toilet. Why would you use the toliet when it’s RIGHT NEXT DOOR to you!!!!!! Eeew! And my last night was spent in resus. But now…freedom.

So most of my accommodation is booked. Being on a lowly nurse’s salary I can only afford to hostel it, hmmm.  I’ve splurged a few times though and am doing the posh hotel in a couple of places. One is 2 nights in Cinque Terre, Italy. It is so beautiful and the manager is a bit of nice eye candy too!. My room is called the romantic double suite (way to emphasise the single factor) and was the last one available. I had to ring to leave CC details so I thought what a perfect time to practice my Italian. Pre phone call I practice saying “Buongiorno”, “Bwonjourno”, Buonjorrrrrrrrno” Ok sounds good, dial number, guy answers and what do I do in my panic to sound really good, say a high pitched “Hello”!!! Clearly I have a long way to go. At least I’ll finally be able to put to use the German I learnt in high school, I’m sure counting to 10 and reciting the alphabet will get me a long way. Auf Wiedersehen!


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