Posted: 22/08/2008 in Europe

So I seem to have some problems with packing. Aside from the whole do you fold or roll the clothes, I have a 70L backpack that needs to fit about 300L of clothes etc… in it. Any suggestions on how to solve this dilemma? My rational explanation for the excessive amount is:

1.  I am going where the seasons cross and therefore need clothes for both hot and cold weather.

2. One does not wear hiking boots/sneakers with a skirt

3. They might not have any books in Europe!!

4. I am NOT going to pay $20 for shampoo and conditioner by buying them in pounds when I get to London

5. I refuse to look like a hippie

6. I will not come back with some fungus ridden festy infection on my feet because I didn’t take thongs for the shower

7. A heavy backpack is a good workout (whatever)

8. A variety of colours is important

See, rational reasons 8)

  1. Emily says:

    Hey Min…..Can’t wait to read how things are going….Good thinking about the thongs girl…yeah foreign fungus wouldn’t be a good thing to bring back on you…and it might not pass quarantine! Will be thinking of you.

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