Posted: 27/08/2008 in Europe

It’s been an eventful 4 days, or is that 2? What time is it? Jet lag!!!!  Have to say that working nights has got me into the routine of feeling crap and being able to function after so few hours though. Finished packing the night before I left only to realise I had lost one of my cash passport cards, the one that is supposed to be your spare in case you lose the first. Eventually found it hidden in that special spot that wont be obvious to a thief and one I’ll remember (obviously didn’t). Was stressed about getting everything done in time but my mile long anal to do lists got me through.

Anyway Mum and Dad drove me to the airport. The ride in was filled with “have you packed this” ” have your organised that” “Are you sure that this is OK” etc… and then when I go to check the baggage in the 2 of them are standing there taking photos of me. OH MY GOODNESS, how embaressing, anyone would think I was an 18 year old going on my first big adventure. Love you anyway Mum and Dad! Then going through customs I lose my passport holder that also contains important numbers and other stuff I really need (remember the special spots)! Found it in my bag.

There were 2 flights totalling 20 hours. I have always loved flying, its such an amazing expereince, hate it now, hate it hate it hate it. It’s not amazing, it sucks!!!! Way to long to be sitting in one place even though your served heaps of food and can watch endless movies and play games etc… Now I think I have cellulitis in both legs. How, why, what the??? Seeing how it goes before I make the most of my travel insurance.

I spent the day of arrival walking around London to stay awake. What a beautiful, old city. It’s totally different to what I expected. And so busy, there are people everywhere all the time. I love the tube (their rail system). I feel quite the expert now and walked around the underground with a “I know what I’m doing” look on my face. Went on the London eye, WOW! And I thought the Royal Melbourne Show ferris wheel was good, he he he. This offers panoramic views of London from…about…..really high up anyway.  Had to do madam Tussauds too, although by that stage I had been awake 40 hours and was just desperated for bed. Even fake, wax brad pitt didn’t do it for me.

After 11 hours sleep, caught the eurostar to Belgium. 1 hour and I’m under the English chanel and in another country and 300km/hr is so fun. Went to withdraw euros and it tells me my PIN number is wrong, I had changed the number to one I’d remember so I’m panicking about what to do.  I’m stuck in another country, don’t speak French and Flemish and whatever else they speak here, I have no Euro money and I’m dragging around the stupid backpac in a smelly train station. Luckily I had bought the original PIN number just in case and guess what, it worked.

I’m now in my hostel in Bruges and ready to explore for the next 2 days (providing I can walk, grrrrrrrr!) I’ve had a quick wander coz it’s a tiny town and it’s so quaint and pretty. Yummy waffles too! I have the room to myself so far too whooo!

By the way there are so many dogs in Europe and they are allowed everywher. See, should have bought Gypsy!


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