If you like it, do it…

Posted: 04/09/2008 in Europe

Sorry, this one will be a bit long as I’ve a bit to catch up on.

Well where do I start when it comes to Amsterdam? They have certainly taken the term sex drugs and rock and roll literally!! It’s an interesting city to visit but not my cup of pot, I mean tea! So OK here are some tips.

1) When looking for coffee, one does not go to a coffee shop and ask for coffee and a croissant as one girl found out. A coffee shop is where you buy and smoke pot. If you want a beer you don’t go to a pub but a cafe and who knows where you actually get coffee!!!

2) DO NOT sit in the little booths lining the roads. They are called piss posts and were set up because the historic buildings were being ruined by lazy men pissing on them rather than finding a loo. Solution? Set up these posts in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET for them to use. Of course it just makes it smell delightful.

3) A man showing you watches to buy and then saying “you want coke too” is not talking about the drink

4) The women in the windows are not mannequins!!!

5) Walking is a hazard, there is a high probability you will be hit by a bike. Better to ride instead and the city is so flat even the most unfit can do it!

6) Do not dive into the canals as even though it is 5 metres deep it’s only 3 metres before you will hit submerged bikes, dentures (I know, what the???) and other assorted rubbish!

7) Clogs are not comfortable

I did enjoy my time there though, especially the bike ride into the country side and would love to see more of the Netherlands one day.

I’m now in Berlin which I love! For a city that had the absolute crap bombed out of it, it’s bounced back well. What a messy and complicated past it has. The Nazi regime, communist rule and the Berlin wall. I have a respect for the Germans in that they have made an enormous effort to admit the tragedy of the holocaust and have erected numerous memorials to those persecuted and murdered during it. Going to these places is pretty gut wrenching and you leave baffled once again, that man can do this to man.

The buildings are beautiful and amazingly restored. You can still see bullet holes and shrapnel marks all over them and most of the statues that weren’t hidden are black from fire. The story of the Berlin wall is fascinating and the stories of escapes and attempted escapes are amazing. Even more so because unlike the world wars this actually happened in my lifetime.

The best bit about Germany is that I finally get to put into practice (very badly) the German that I learned in high school. If only I had of paid more attention (sorry Frau Rupert). Other good points, schnitzel, pure beer-no preservatives or additives and the very nice looking German boys šŸ™‚

I have met some fab girls in my hostel and spent the last couple of days with them. They are doing busabout too so we will be in most towns at the same time.

Auf Wiedersehen for now…

  1. OME says:

    Got ’em all.
    “Mrs Cap & do U have Mugs” will be over the beam end in the morn.
    Would U believe every text msg has been hand written to be used in evidence ….
    These Blogs will prob be leather bound in the family history.

    I’m tired, so very tired, so I will read with delight also in morn.

    HOWEVER, did not quickly something about German boys … !

    Baily rang me up the other night.

    Was `talking’ with me until Will came on the phone very surprised that his nibs had managed to work out the phone.

    His next call is expected to be Malaysia!

    Love, OME

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