Posted: 12/09/2008 in Europe

Sadly my time in Berlin has come to an end and after all that walking it was time to have a little rest. So I stopped in a place called Dresden, a town known for it’s music scene (apparently) and for being completely flattened during the war. I shopped up a storm to cook dinner as finally there was a kitchen in the hostel. 15 euro for what would cost at least $25 in Aus. Amazing. Mum you’d be proud of how many veggies I ate those 2 nights, your body knows what it needs. My one full day there was spent wandering the grounds of an old palace and it’s gardens and relaxing, followed by a steam boat home on the river Elbe. For the whole day I didn’t meet one English speaking person which was a refreshing change. I had a limited conversation with some older German tourists and the lady was obviously happy at my effort as she came running up after we docked to say goodbye, lovely to meet you. On the way home on the tram I got to meet a charming (really Ö ) drunk local who despite how many times I kept telling him I didn’t speak German insisted on having a conversation with me, in German! Regarding the hip music scene I had a taste of it on my last night. Whining, hippie style with off tune vocals-so not a touchdown! Admittedly it did settle into a quite kind of Bollywood/hippie mix. Can’t say I loved Dresden but it was a  nice place to relax, so very much what I needed.


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