The weird and wonderful!

Posted: 12/09/2008 in Europe

Off to the land of carbohydrates, the Czech Republic!!! I’m not kidding, their meals consist of everything Carby and a whole cow/chicken/pig (maybe I’m exaggerating that bit). One girl had at least 10 small potato’s on her plate for dinner and the ribs, never seen anything like it. We started the journey a little morbidly by visiting Tereazin (spelling might be wrong), an old fortress, come political prison, come detaining centre for Jews during the war prior to their transfer to a concentration camp. The conditions were horrendous and treatment poor. It’s hard to imagine what people in the past have suffered. Pretty humbling stuff.

Prague is beautiful (I can’t believe you didn’t like it Em.M). While the area we stayed in was pretty dodgy and dirty Prague itself is stunning. I caught the tram to the centre, bumped into some other people from the hostel and wondered why they didn’t get off at the same stop as me. I cleverly walked around wondering after a while where all the things I wanted to see were and realised I was so clever that I got off at the wrong stop. Europe is challenging my normally good sense of direction. Wiped the smug look right off my face. Later I found out the others got completely lost anyway so it wasn’t just me.

The history of Prague is long and interesting, unfortunately my memory is not, so your lucky not to have to suffer through a re-telling. The river is awesome, Charles bridge is stunning and the castle astounding. Walking into the cathedral in the palace grounds had me speechless (I know, amazing). It’s huge and full of amazing art and architecture. However at the end of the day I looked through my photos realising I did not need 40 ones of stained glass windows.  

A group of us caught a train the next day to visit the bone church a freaky little testament to dead people! A plague wiped out the population of the town centuries ago and the cemeteries were overflowing so they decided to use the bones to decorate the church. Everything is made of bones, the chandelier, shields, words on the wall, it’s not like a church I’ve been into before!

Next stop, Cesky Krumlov. It’s like a miny Prague and totally cute. The place I was staying in was a little run down but funky. I shared with a guy whose claim to fame and greatest achievement in life is his drinking skills. Scarily he had long dreads that I swear had weird stuff growing in them. Gross!!! The town is small enough to walk in an afternoon which is good because the next day was taken up with a pub crawl…down a river. Yep certainly the weirdest thing I’ve done so far. Your driven 12km’s up the river and dropped off with flimsy rafts to float/row your way back to town. Anything that had a wooded dock or steps had a “pub” at the top. Us girls tried to get a raft for ourselves but ended up with 3 Irish boys! Have you ever been on a river pub crawl with the Irish? Seriously I was ready to hold one of the guys head under water at one stage. There were some of us who wanted a few beers and a cruising afternoon but these boys were totally out of control, constantly falling out, trying very hard to impress us with their rowing and later pushed a girl into 0.5m deep water covered with jagged rocks, as a joke of course!!!. My nurse mind can’t help but think of all the injuries that could happen. It was fun but I’d rather hire one myself next time.

I’m now in Vienna and will fill you in on that at a later date. Cheers for now 🙂

  1. emily martin says:

    Hi Mel
    i did like Prague, just found it rather run down. sounds like you having awesome time, isnt cesky krumlov sensational.
    love em

  2. John Sutherland says:

    Gypsy’s mother is on the loose & how!
    Europe won’t be the same – ever!
    Have not had time to read yr lastest info but will print off & share!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeap ^ Sutherland’s r off to the R Melb Show tomorrow! Tell U the result next time.

    Blonde Story:
    Two Irish men are standing under a flag pole when a blonde walks by & asks what they are doing.
    “We’re supposed to be finding the b…. height of this flagpole, but we don’t have a b… ladder.” Paddy said.

    The blonde loosened a few bolts, laid the flag pole down till it was horizontal, took out her tape message (I know every blonde carries one ~Dad) & announced it was 6.5 metres!

    “Isn’t that just like a blonde! We need the b… height and she gives us the length.” Paddy said.

    That was not a OME joke. I saw it today!

    Cheers & Blessings. Dad

  3. Jess Gunther says:

    Hi Mel,

    What a fabulous time you seem to be having!!! I’m sure you are really missing the chaos of the Emergency department!!??

    I’m on nights at the moment so I have a lot of sympathy for your jet lag, I feel like I’m in a perminant state of “brain fade” this week!!

    Can’t wait to see you & hear more about your exciting adventures.

    Love Jess G

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