A little bit of culture and some exercise.

Posted: 17/09/2008 in Europe

I love Austria! There are many wonderful things about it, apple strudel, ummm, apple strudel, (Mmm apple strudel). No seriously it is my favourite place so far. I spent 3 days in Vienna and now am in Salzburg. Vienna is the place of waltz’s and music. Pick any composer and he probably lived here. Mozart was discovered at age 24 and was a billionaire by (I think) 30. Did you know he wrote twinkle twinkle little star, as a child of course? And he and Beethoven were mates, although not very good ones. My first day there was spent wandering the city with a girl I met on the bus, Lucy. We both love music and ended up at this great music museum. Very interactive place where I discovered I am a hopeless conductor! Of course a visit to the 2 palaces was a must. The Hapsburg royals were a incestuous bunch, in order to keep the royal line and very very rich. Why have one palace when you can have two? The gardens of the summer palace were beautiful, expansive and made me totally jealous! I had to get a little bit of culture at some stage during this trip so Lucy and I went to an evening of opera and a Viennese symphony. I felt very classy even though I was wearing jeans (come on I’m backpacking). It didn’t matter, most people were.

The next day was incredible. I spent it biking around the Austrian countryside tasting wines, chocolate (lots of it Jen!!!!!!), jams, chutneys and of course schnapps and can I tell you that the schnapps we have is nothing like the real thing, all 80% alcohol of it!! Our tour guide took us along the Danube  through these small country villages to visit winery’s and roadside shops. Lunch consisted of a great BBQ and more wine tasting. To walk off those calories I climbed a hill (giant mountain, felt like…) to an exquisite view of the Austrian countryside and alps. It was a cold, wet day and we looked pretty funny riding around with these yellow ponchos flying out behind us but one of the best things I’ve done so far.

I may have mentioned that the German fellas were not bad on the eye, well the Austrian boys with their blue eyes….

Salzburg….well that will have to wait until another post. Goodnight!


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