Posted: 17/09/2008 in Europe

Things I have learnt about backpacking

  1. Everything you thought you knew you don’t
  2. Sharing a room with boys can be a smelly affair
  3. Living out of a backpack and packing every 3 days is NOT really exciting
  4. I really did not need those extra everythings!
  5. 20kg’s can actually spontaneously turn into 40kg (feels like)
  6. Girls shed a lot hair and leave it in the shower plug holes (Ewww), standing in a couple inches of water is not uncommon
  7. Thongs are therefore useless sometimes
  8. Thongs are g-strings not things on your feet, flip flops are thongs and jandels are flip flops (pick your country)
  9. All you can eat breakfast includes all you can hide for lunch
  10. Manners mean nothing to some people
  11. If there’s a bar there will be noise
  12. Computer keyboards will confuse you with their mixed up keys
  13. If you want an aged look for your clothes, use a hostel washing machine
  14. Aussies and Kiwi’s have taken over Europe
  15. Sneakers are wonderful inventions
  16. A gentle stroll means a hike, an easy ride means you’ll be peddling like crazy
  17. The aussie dollar sucks!!!
  18. The stepper at the gym would have been a good thing to use every day for the last year
  19. Knowing a few phrases in another language goes a long way
  20. A cafe latte is a drink for sooks
  21. Don’t think you can pee for free
  22. Europe is closed on Sunday’s
  23. You will have a ball!!!

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