Snow and sunshine

Posted: 18/09/2008 in Europe

Beautiful, picturesque Salzburg is where I have been for the last 4 days. My first day was into the depths of a mountain. After a bus ride to 1000m above sea level, we hiked for a bit up the steep and I mean steep alp. Then we caught a gondolaup the steepest incline where it was snowing instead of raining. Apparently it doesn’t often snow at this time of year so we were a bit blessed BUT it was freezing. Then another hike to reach 1500m. By the time we reached the cave my legs were like jelly and I was wishing that I had spent the last 5 years on the stepper! Of course it got easier, not! Next was 700 steps up inside the caves with only gas lamps and the occasional lighting of magnesium by our guide to light the way. The ice caves were pretty amazing but dam cold and not as pretty as I’d expected; the photos were pretty deceiving as in them the caves are floodlight beautifully. The views from the top would be amazing when it’s not cloudy but I still got a good idea of what it would look like.

The next day was spent wandering the town and doing the toursity things. I felt totally justified eating some apple strudel after the hike up an alp. I checked out the fortress that overlooks the city. Originally Salzburg was a country of it’s own and built the fortress to house the people and protect it from being overtaken. There is stuff in there dating back to the 14th century. Amazing!

And today….the sound of music tour. Imagine me missing that! I sat on that bus and sang every word of every song (the shame) and loved being a complete and utter tourist. The Austrians do not get the sound of music and don’t understand the fuss tourists make about visiting sites it was filmed at. Unfortunately not is all is as it seems and I learnt a lot about certain scenes, characters and the real story. I wont shatter anyone’s images by giving things away though. The weather has cleared up beautifully for my photos but it’s still cold.

Tomorrow I’m off to Munich but wont be staying long enough for Oktoberfest. It would be interesting to check out but it’s something that appeals to me even less now I’ve heard all these stories. Sadly the aussies and kiwis keep the Germans away because of the disgraceful way the behave. We’re getting a bit of a bad name in Europe which is a shame! Until then 🙂

  1. emily says:

    Hi MEL

    sounds like you having a wonderful time still!!!!! enjoying the reading very much, keep it up, hope you see some German nudies in the gardens @ Munich
    lov em

  2. Rachel says:

    Heya Min – all I can say is WOW ………. love reading your adventures….. great that your having a ball………..can’t wait to see the photos……..keep happy and healthy and take care xxR

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