Getting lost in Venice

Posted: 01/10/2008 in Europe

I had a lot of expectations of Venice, one of them was not about getting constantly lost. But I guess with hundreds of bridges and canals everywhere…what delusions I had. Street signs are not common and the yellow ones which in some vague way direct you to an main attraction, still don’t prevent you from losing your way. By the second day I had it figured out and was walking the streets like a true venetian but before then I think I looked at my map more that the sights.

I saw the sights, including the pigeon filled piazza’s and did all the photo taking but it was fun just walking around. I bumped into some people I met in St Johan and joined them on an Island hopping boat cruise. I love travelling the waterways that have posts sticking up with lights on them, like street lights, giving the illusion of streets. Cute to me, probably necessary to the locals! We went to 3 islands and I bought a few nik naks. One island had a glass making factory and it was fascinating to see how quickly they can make something so beautiful and delicate. Mine would end up looking like a blob of mess I’m sure. My bus was at 9:30pm and we raced to get me there but just missed it. Dam, I had to wait for another hour which is a bit disconcerting in a strange town at that time of night, but all worked out OK. I met a girl staying at my campsite who also missed the bus (we hypothesised that the driver left early, blame someone else for my lateness) and we chatted about our travels. She is with a tour that shall remain nameless and is having a lousy time. She hates being stuck on the bus all the time with the same people and having so little free time in the towns. I was silently thanking you Em.M for recommending busabout!

The next day was about wandering and shopping. So much to buy and so little backpac space!!! Stupid heavy, overloaded backpac. Why can’t I be a rich 5 star resorter with a porter person to carry my 10 suitcases around? I spent the evening with some busabout people, a few who’d I met weeks ago and thought I wouldn’t see again, so it was nice. Tomorrow, of to Rome and then heading down to Sorrento.

  1. Emily Martin says:

    Hi mel. thanks for that mention, glad you having a great time, let me know what you think of all the yummy italian, gelato & pizza. Renee says hello, and we want to know who SAM is???? miss you heaps.
    love em

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