Mmmm, dumplings

Posted: 01/10/2008 in Europe

I spent my night in Munich in a very run down hotel with the world’s most uncomfortable bed! I kind of expected it at 40 euro/night during Oktoberfest. Wandering around the grounds that evening shows just how big this festival is. The tents are massive and fit up to 7000 people in them, drunk people, scary drunk people, Aussies!!! Would have been great to hang around for a day just for atmosphere but off to St Johan I went.

Well I may have missed out on Oktoberfest but I arrived in St Johan in time for the “bringing the cows down from the mountain and celebrate by drinking beer and eating dumplings all day” festival. It’s actually called knoddlefest but I like my name better. I was stuck inside when the cows came down covered in flowers and wearing heavy bells but got outside in time to step on the crap they left behind, no pats thank goodness! So in the afternoon I wandered into town and started on the eating of dumplings. Mmmmmm, I had a spinach, butter and Parmesan cheese one and a ice-cream and chocolate moose one. So good, why don’t we have festivals like this? Somehow the Royal Melbourne show does not compare.

I felt like I should walk off those dumplings so the next day I headed up a mountain with a guy in my room and had all good intentions of doing some hiking once off the gondola. I didn’t get far when I thought why do this when I can have hot soup and then go to the restaurant for some strudel (I have an addiction, yes). So I sipped on soup and enjoyed the view while Sam went on up further, silly Sam. 

It’s freezing in St Johan and as in many places in Europe, the heaters in homes are on timers set to come on when it’s below a certain temperature. I would have thought 5 degrees would qualify!!! Going into restaurants though is hot and smokey. I’ve had a little food with my nicotine, I can’t believe how much of an anti-smoker I’ve become! I met some lovely people (only saying that coz their reading my blog, they were awful, kidding!) and we went out for dinner at a brewery. Not bad food and big beers! And of course had to have desert too, so off to another place.

To sum up St Johan, good food, good mountain, good smoke, cough, splutter…..!


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