The beauty and terror!

Posted: 05/10/2008 in Europe

Finally some beach and sun time! I’ve spent the last 3 days in the beautiful south west coast of Italy and have loved every minute of it. It was an organised trip with busabout but mostly with free time. First stop, Pompeii. Well this is a pretty amazing sight let me tell you, an ancient coastal city for the rich and famous, destoryed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  It was the meters thick layer of ash that killed the people and perfectly preserved this city giving an amazing insight into life back then. We saw some pretty cool things like the “McDonalds” takeaway place of the day, preserved homes with paintings still on the walls, grooves in the stone streets from the chariots (seriously amazing), the more sordid places, and plaster casts of the dead. I didn’t realise that it’s not just a few homes and streets but an entire, massive city in which you can get lost. Really cool!

On arriving in Sorrento we has a bit of an orientation first off with the bonus of Limoncello tasting. Limoncello is a type of spirit liquor that is made from the rind of lemons and it’s really really yummy. I soon discovered that this part of Italy prides itself on all things lemon and consequently all their souvenir shops are filled with lemon stuff.  Later we went out for a 3 course dinner (so nice to not have panini again!!!) followed by cocktails at a bar all to ourselves (nice but how am I supposed to meet a cute Italian fella if I’m with a bunch of only Aussies huh?).

The next day it was off to the Isle of Capri, the place that I have wanted to go to the most (must be the Italian heritage…a joke, I am far to blond to be Italian), don’t ask me why. And yep, it met all expectations, including that I would not be able to do any shopping on a backpackers budget! It is the most spectacular place with ginormous cliffs and water that changes from Aqua to Emerald to the deepest purple.  I spent the day wandering around with my room-mate who, by the way, snores like she is choking! And she almost did, from my hands!!!!  

Sunday, it was off the the Amalfi coast and Positina. The great ocean road in comparison is a little hill with a few bends. These towns are carved into the cliffs and of course you need roads but why build them into the cliff when you can build them on the edge, looking down a couple hundred feet, thinking about falling and death, wondering what it would take to make the bus tip over…get the idea? Your in a bus, a normal size bus, on a road only wide enough to fit one and a half cars side by side and the sharpest of u bends. We had some interesting couple of turns and I wasn’t to keen about the backing up to the edge of the cliff either. Think of the most adrenaline rushed ride you have ever done and triple the fear factor. Having survived that we were able to spend some time exploring the towns and getting some “ciao bella’s” here and there from the old Italian men.

We ended up back in Rome totally trashed but thoroughly satisfied. Oh and I think I have a little gelati problem!


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