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Posted: 13/10/2008 in Europe

Florence, Florence…what did I like about Florence. I didn’t particularly like Florence, it was a bit bland for me and being constantly harassed by people selling “real leather” belts and “real Gucchi and Louie Vaton” bags, watches etc… was a bit annoying. There were stalls every afternoon and these other guys would walk around with their “real” stuff and find a place to set it up all the while watching for the police. If they saw them they would quickly fold their cardboard display case that would turn into a large carry case with handle and run off. Oh yep, they’ve got it all figured out.

I’m not much into art so I didn’t do the museum thing except for where David is. When in Florence it would be a disgrace not to see David and I’m glad I did. I realise now why it’s considered Michelangelo’s best work. I expected the statue to be life size but he is huge, 5.17 metres tall!!! Pretty impressive and when you walk around the corner it’s kind of hard to miss (although his willy is, poor David). You can’t take photos though which is really starting to annoy me. You pay all this money to go and see something amazing and you can’t take photos. I can see the sense in not using a flash but seriously, not photos at all? Grrrr!

I went to the gardens of some rich people who used to live in the palace there. Pretty big and well set out but not as impressive as the ones in Vienna.

I also found a church is Florence that was English speaking and sang modern worship songs so I was pretty happy about that. I have been missing church while travelling.

The best thing about Florence was the fantastic hostel I stayed in. The showers were exquisite and so clean. No standing in scary clogged up drain water and accidentally leaning on mouldy walls, oh so nice. The internet was free to and breakfast included…luxury. My last night was out a the campsite that the bus picked us up from and while the cabins were nice, the restaurant meal was shameful. Microwave lasagna in Italy!!!!!


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