Bed Bugs!

Posted: 17/10/2008 in Europe

Yes it happened to me and stop laughing all of you! Seriously I can’t beliéve I got bed bugs. I feel violated by the little suckers. I woke in Rome to find little tracking bite marks on my ankles and wrists and a common backpackers topic is bed bugs, so I knew that this is what their bites are like (the bed bugs not the backpackers). I told the hostel, moved rooms and searched my bag inside out to see if they had hitched a ride from a place that I suspect may be the culprit. I found one happily sitting on one of my jumpers. How rude! Just moved in and made itself at home. Very lucky it happened on the day it did because I had planned on taking the entire day off to relax, wash clothes etc… Of course it just meant I had to wash all of my clothes, wipe out the bags and search everything I own for any more more than I relaxed. I was also blessed in that they were barely itchy and did not get very big. I still have some scabbed over 2 weeks later. I’ve discovered it’s actually very common but GROSS!!!

Other ailments while away:

The common cold: Not a big problem except for the keeping everyone in your room awake with the coughing and sniffing. And of course trying to understand the directions on the medications provided by the pharmacist that spoke little English.

Gastro: Can you believe it? While on a train in the middle of nowhere with the most delightful toilet that became a very scary place when I left….because it didn’t flush!!!

Weird itchy ankle rash thing: Got it after flight from Melbourne to London and again after walking everywhere in Rome.

Knee owies: From very unspectacular and most embarrassing fall in the Cinque Terre.

Weight loss: Hang on, that’s not an ailment that’s a miracle! And yes despite all the naughty food, walking for 12 hours a day is better than any gym!

Other people’s ailments: Well it’s not even worth a list because there are so many and once they know your a nurse they think you care, oops I mean want to help. No that’s not what I meant to say either. They think that it should automatically be up to you to tell them what they should do, so I say “Go to a Doctor”. I met a girl who was complaining because she had to pay $200 for some procedure in a hospital and I said that was a bit strange, surely travel insurance should cover that. Didn’t have it!!! WHY??? 

Certainly makes for interesting times and conversation. When I was in Rome….


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