Nice not so nice

Posted: 17/10/2008 in Europe

I wonder if that has ever been said before? Reading about Nice hadn’t impressed me enough to want to stay there. I hate overindulgent and showy wealth like that when the world is full of starving and homeless people, diseases and socio-economic próblems galore and I’m really not into celebrity. And I can’t really comment either because I was only there overnight but what I saw did not impress me.

I did some shopping in the afternoon and then got ready in the tinniest tiny room to go out for dinner with a bunch of people. Honestly i reckon the owners have transformed the attic of a hotel into a “hostel”. There were 3 bunks in a tiny room, one of which is was under the sloping roof and the person in that bunk could not avoid hitting their head when getting into bed. The shower was a closet and mouldy with a door falling off. The toilet roll holder was pipes sticking out from the wall. Worst place I’ve been in, in fact the 4 hotels I’ve stayed in have been well below the standard of the hostels. Granted they are only 1 or 2 star but still!

Anyway I met the big group down stairs and as we were heading out the door I quickly stopped by the desk to hand in my key. When I got out the door they had vanished into this massive crowd of people. I lost them altogether. Luckily another busabout girl who had done the dinner 2 nights before came out to buy a drink and walked me down to the restaurant. The dinner was great after so much pizza and pasta but the city itself strikes me as rich and a little scary with numerous pickpockets and beggars (that all looked healthy, well fed, had mobile phones and dogs).

I was glad to be leaving in the mórning and get to some fresh country air in Switzerland.


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