It’s all very swish in Switzerland

Posted: 21/10/2008 in Europe

I reckon this place tops my list of favorites. Switzerland is beyond description when it comes to how beautiful it is, but I could try…beautiful, stunning, inspiring, grandiose, breathtaking, full of hot men (did I say that?). Autumn is my favorite time of year, so to come here now when the leaves are at their most brilliant is amazing. I stayed in a campsite that is a valley between large and ominous cliffs. Cascading down the cliffs were numerous waterfalls, the most spectacular being the Trumbuck falls which are actually inside a mountain. The roar of the water is deafening! The rooms were in this large, really warm 3 story hut. My bed was as usual a bunk but this one was one HUGE bunk with 3 mattresses together top and bottom. Luckily we were in a “4 bed” room so the girls on the top and us on the bottom had plenty of room. It would have been awkward and weird to sleep next to a stranger! It was like being back at school camp.

When we were told about the campsite and how we’d wake up to the jingle of cow bells I thought they were joking. No, you actually wake to the sound of the river and the bells dangling around the cows, sheep and goats necks. It’s like church bells but quieter. Poor cows, imagine having those heavy noisy things around your neck. Apparently it’s so the farmer can find them if they get lost. Mum maybe you need one!

I spent a lot of time walking around the area breathing the cleanest air, but the highlight…Paragliding!!!!! Yep, I ran off a mountain into the air. It’s the strangest feeling coz you have to keep running even when you think your going to take off, so your legs end up doing that cartoon running in the air thing. Then suddenly it’s quiet and your floating. The guide (No I wasn’t on my own and yes he was a spunk Trish) pointed things out, took heaps of photos, spun me out, literally, with some stomach spinning tricks and within 15 minutes it was all over. I cannot describe how amazing it was to jump into a valley with these aewsome snow capped alps surrounding you. Now I’m ready to do some more things back home. Anyone for skydiving?

I also took the cable car, all 4 of them, up to Schilthorn, 3000m above sea level. This is the place where one of the James Bond movies (don’t ask me which one) was filmed. It also has a revolving restaurant of which I did not attend due to the EUR8.00 cup of coffee, that’s $16AUS for those who don’t know. Unfortunatly it was pretty cloudy so the view wasn’t great but you get the idea of the magnitude of the alps being up there. I saw this eagle just soaring back and forth, it was so beautiful.

It was time to have a good dinner, I was so sick of pizza and pasta, so some friends and I went out to the local pub. Hmmmmm, the meal was brilliant. I had steak and aldente vegies – so good, red wine and desert was chocolate cake with chocolate moose and chocolate ice-cream (sorry Jen). The Hmmmbit relates to the 50 frank price tag that went with it. I have never paid that much at home, on a nurses wage, hear the laughter!!!! It was worth it though. Meat, ahhhhhh, just as long as it wasn’t one of those cute cows with the bells!

I love this place and if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s so cold and so far from Australia and not Melbourne and not near a beach and without a big shopping centre, I would move there in a heartbeat, maybe not. But it is amazing. I wish I had stayed longer.


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