History and beer halls…

Posted: 23/10/2008 in Europe

One of the first things I learnt about Munich (aside from Oktoberfest) is that this is where the the nazi party started and where Hitler nearly lost his life marching against the police. It seems a strange bit of history to want own with as much vehemenceas our guide did but he wanted to make it clear that Berlin doesn’t own everything Nazi – hmmmm, okay! I learnt this on yet another walking tour which taught me a lot and tired my feet. Apparently the Munikians, Munchans, people who live in Munich are known for 3 things:

Being very traditional – some of them still wear ladahowsin (the funny Knickerbocker things which I have no idea how to spell). The women who work in the beer halls wear the traditional outfits too.

Fiercely catholic – the opposite to Berlin which is Protestant dominated. Everything is closed on a Sunday except museums, beer halls and of course churches. Strangely one of their stories is about one of the churches that was built as instructed by the devil!Seems very strange that the devil would ask for a church to his enemy to be built hey? Anyway he told the builder he wanted beams of natural light but no windows. The architect did it but only through a trick, you couldn’t see the windows from the inside, and the devil was so peeved he stamped his foot on the ground. The footprint is there to this day and looks amazingly like a man’s size 10!

For loving their beer – On average Munich locals drink one and a half litres of beer a day which adds up to a lot of litres per year of beer consumed in Munich. There are beer halls everywhere too and the best thing it’s preservative free, unlike beer anywhere else in the world.

Another interesting point and one, I think, of importance is that they have dedicated parking spots for dogs and even have signs up to show where you should park them!

While there I also checked out the science museum and got in touch with my inner child by playing with things and pushing buttons. I walked around the beautiful English gardens which, on a Sunday afternoon, is where everyone seemed to be. It has a nude sun-baking park too where mostly middle aged German men go and after a lifetime of beer I can’t imagine how that would look, urgggh. Thankfully it was too cold.

My favorite thing was bumping into 2 girls I met early in the trip and going out for dinner at the Augustine beer hall. I had my steins, the most deliciously yummy roast duck and of course….apple strudel. It was absolutely packed because it was one of the 10 celebration nights they have each year and a traditional Bavarian band was playing. Such fantastic atmosphere but stinking hot!

I really love Germany, probably the most out of all the countries I’ve been to, that, I didn’t expect.


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