Coming home!!

Posted: 01/11/2008 in Europe

I’m coming home, I’m coming home, weeeee, whoooo yeah!!!!! Do I sound excited. Don’t get me wrong, I have had the most amzing and unbelievable time here and I would do it again in a heartbeat but I am a homebody and am ready to come back. Besides I miss Gypsy, oh and my family, yes and my friends. Oh and work of course, I really miss work!

My flight wasn’t until 10pm so I pottered around London in the afternoon then made my way out to the airport only to find that there was going to be a delay due to engine problems. “How inconvienent” was my first thought, then I realised that it would be better for them to fix it now rather than wing it and have the engine blow up half way home, thousands of feet in the air. So we had to wait for parts, then a mechanic. They bought us out some food at midnight and by food I mean kit kats and shortbread (what an odd combination) which I don’t have a problem with but kind of sucks for the diabetics! You should have seen how people flew in like seagulls!!! 4 1/2 hours later we were off, hopefully with engine working. The delay meant I missed my connecting flight but we were all assured that we would have a seat on the next available flight. Next available…what if that wasn’t for days or weeks. I could be stuck in Singapore airport forever. I’d have to set up camp like Tom hanks did in that movie. I don’t want to live in an airport, I want to go home!!!

Thankfully the next available was as soon as I landed, so there I was in Singapore airport in my London, winter clothes running from one end of the airport to the other in the humidity while trying to put deodorant on, eyedrops in, gulp down water that I wouldn’t be allowed to take on the plane and not look like I’d been awake for 36 hours! Very unglamorous. I made it and settled back for the next 9 hours. Truely, it is a disgusting flight the Melbourne-UK one and I don’t want to have to do it again for a long time, however I do want to keep travelling so what a quandry.

I arrived in Melbourne and as I was walking into the baggage claim area saw a sign explaining that they are filming boarder security that day. Great, here I am all lovely looking after a 20 hour flight, no sleep, grandma puffy ankles and stinky clothes (probably) and a TV crew are here. They’d be likely to push me straight through and not even check my bags because of how scary I look. Luckily I said I had pretty much had everything on the decleration list in my bag (except for guns and bombs and other such paraphenalia) and had been around farms, just to be safe,  so the likelyhood of me being filmed nervous and angry was pretty slim. As it was, they film in the area where people don’t make any claims. If they had a show about how crappy people look after longs flights I would have been their star!

Mum and Dad pick me up (no Gypsy in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I get home and all I want to do is sleep but being the anal person I am, I have to unpack, wash everything, air the house out etc… At least when I crashed at 8pm that night, after being awake 48 hours, I felt clean and my scary backpack was out in the garage in case of any hitch-hiking nasties. It’s so good to be home, back in beautiful Australia.


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