New Years Resolutions – a little poem!

Posted: 01/01/2009 in Life

As is said in the timeless cliché, another year gone.  2009 looms before me, teasing me with the curious reflection of the year past.  Why does the human race, a still complicated species, expect that life transformation will come with one night, the counting down of a clock, the solemnly vowed resolutions and the reminiscence of another year past.  Does the New Year make us better people; do we really try and remain true to our promise of transformation?  Perhaps the reality is that we start the very minute of the New Year doing those very we swore to change or find ourselves with our head in the toilet, figuratively or literally.


As I step off the curb of 2008 onto the road of 2009 with the rest of humanity, swept up in the self satisfaction and arrogance of the 21st century, I want to pause and think about what my real goals are, what do I want people to remember me by?  I will not start a new year by regretting past failures and lamenting over my youth, now only a sunset of memories.  Neither will I stride to the conformities of today’s society.  I am not a radical, shouting for followers, just a girl embracing her thirties, willing to accept the testings and trails of life along with the unexpected joys that family and friendship bring.


In regards to those new years resolutions, do I have any?  Of course I do.  It would be foolish to act as if I am different to anyone else, but I want something else at the start of this new year.  I have dreams, heart desires, and passions to fulfil, deep soul yearnings and all these I add to my clichéd list of end of new years resolutions. Happy new year all.


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