Relentless pursuit of my heart.

Posted: 04/04/2011 in God
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The late Selwyn Hughes, a Welsh minister, wrote in one of his books “The deepest longing of our soul, albeit often unconscious, is for a relationship with the God who made us. He and He alone can provide us with love (security), value (self-worth), and purpose (significance) – all of which are essential if the soul is to thrive. Our souls were made to thirst after the living God. In reality, while we are thirsting after God, we think that we can satisfy our thirst by drinking out of a cistern of our own making. With the pain of our unmet longings relentlessly driving us to find relief we look for something visible to direct us. As we attempt to move purposefully through life we pursue goals – goals which we believe can satisfy the ache in our soul. When frustration results from us not reaching those goals different problem emotions arise, their intensity depending on how strongly we believe the achievement of the goal is essential to our personal wellbeing”.

When I read this it was as if he was talking about me. I grew up in a Christian home but rejected my faith in my early twenties. For the next 15 years it didn’t matter what I poured my attention into, no matter how much I thought I was happy, if I really searched the depths of my being I had to admit I felt restless, like something was missing.  Someone said to me a while back that I’ve “found God” and that’s true, but its more like He has been relentlessly pursuing me and I wasn’t listening until now. Suddenly I realised He loved me and how much! He loves me more than anyone ever has or ever will. His love is complete, it’s everlasting, it’s unchanging, unfailing and abounding. He is everything I need and I no longer feel lost. That’s not to say that things are perfect and I never have a black day or week or even month. Life will always have its challenges and trials but it’s not like it was. There is an underlying  joy and peace like I’ve never known before, despite whatever might be going on in my life. God is amazing and is not some distant, partially interested deity, He is a relational God and is relentlessly pursuing everyone!

You wont relent – Kim Walker & Chris Quilala


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