Why a tour in Africa?

Posted: 10/05/2011 in Africa

So the countdown is on, 72 days until I head off on a 55 day photographic African safari and I can’t believe it’s actually happening! Unlike Europe I’m doing a tour, why…?

Driving has more cons than pros: The roads are scary and unpredictable. If it rains they turn into big mud pits – great fun if you’re into mud wrestling, unless it’s with a g-string wearing sumo wrestler – but otherwise just inconvenient. If a tree falls in your path there is usually no way around it and you can be waiting days for someone to come and move it, that is if you can actually contact someone. While my sense of direction is good the Serengeti has no roads, none, at least not roads as we understand them. And it stretches for miles. On my own I’d likely get lost and end up in some canyon crushed to death in a wildebeest stampede like Simba’s daddy! And finally I can’t handle hitting a rabbit on the roads here so I’m not sure how I’d cope hitting an elephant!

Big Challenges: The biggest challenges I faced in Europe were language barriers, petty theft and annoying hostels with scary showers. Africa on the other hand has civil unrest, weird flesh invading, body destroying parasites and viruses and REALLY FREAKING BIG ANIMALS!!!!! Oh and TINY DEADLY creatures!!!! Yay 🙂  I would rather travel with a company that knows the in’s and out’s of where we are travelling, what to avoid, what’s safe etc… My instinct is usually good but I think over there it might leave me limbless!

Company: Picture this, you’re sitting around your campfire all set up for the evening and your companions are lions, elephants and hippos. The conversation might start out with me casually asking them how they are, whether they enjoying living in Africa and is likely to end in me being eaten. Human company sounds so much better (in most cases).

Photography tour: Somehow getting a great photo while trying to navigate a safari truck through the “big 5″ or row a canoe around the Okavango delta without annoying a hippo seems almost impossible. This tour has a fantastically decked out truck with both windows and roof viewing. I don’t have to concentrate on anything but getting that great shot. And our guide offers great photography workshops along the way.

Jacques: Have I mentioned the tour guide Jacques……?

  1. Katie Cooper says:

    I agree. Roads would be very scary, Nigel said so!
    Keep safe. Will pray for you. Enjoy all the amazing photo opportunities.
    It will be awesome!
    Love Katie xox

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