Life is Beautiful

Posted: 30/05/2011 in Life
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Life is so very beautiful, each day a new beginning,

The future holding mystery, yesterday’s memories dimming.

 And as you lay your head to rest and reflect upon your day

 Was there any deed left undone, or something more to say?

 Morning breaks, your mind is filled with tasks yet to be done

 You wonder if there’ll be a chance to stop and have some fun.

 At times you feel like your alone, though friends are all around

 Yet in balance, you enjoy, the solitude of peace, no sound.

 Reflecting on the past can shed a tear or bring a smile

Sometimes you feel through hardships you have walked 1000 miles

Tomorrow can be daunting when you’re unsure where you’re going

And yet sometimes exciting, making decisions and not knowing

Hindsight is a gift of learning and hardships are our growth

They are tools of wisdom if we only use them both.

While planning is important and goals need to be set

The spur of the moment’s exhilarating as long as you don’t fret

And though a sense of serenity can seem so out of range

You are surprised when 24 hours can bring about so much change.

Despite the tears and heartaches, or woes shared with a friend

The fun of relationships building or ones yet still to mend.

Through all the joy and laughter or moral lessons learned

The trials and the triumphs or bridges that have burned.

Counting the gains and losses, regretting what has been

Reflecting on your journey and all that it has seen.

Just live each day the best you can, it’s the only today there’ll be

And who knows of the future, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Remember life is beautiful, entwined happiness and sorrow

No matter what has come and gone there’ll always be tomorrow.

©Mels33 2001



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