Last minute packing.

Posted: 23/07/2011 in Africa

So with 2 weeks left before my big African adventure I had the last-minute preparation planned beautifully. And of course those that know me well know that I had a “to do list”. Actually I had a couple of “to do lists” but let’s not get into that. Aside from the “to do lists” my plans basically consisted of the following:

1. Have a pre long service leave work countdown, you know….3 shifts to go, 2 shifts to go, 10 hours to go and by the time you get to 1 hour to go your colleagues have lost all sense of excitement for you and want you gone just to stop the countdown and shut you up! Admittedly they may have been feeling that way 3 weeks ago.

2. Take a week off before leaving to do all those last minute things on the 2 (or so) to do lists!

3. Goodbye coffees with friends and family, which was great, but it did not help with the good intentions I had of getting off caffeine before I left. If I could I would take my expresso machine but I’ll have enough trouble charging my camera let alone plugging in a machine. Ok so maybe it’s got nothing to do with electricity and everything to do with the actual size and weight and complete unpracticalness (it’s a word!!!) of a large coffee machine. I don’t need coffee, I don’t need coffee…..digressing!

4. Take gypsy for long “walkies” to make up for any separation anxiety she’ll (not me-there will be no separation anxiety for me…) feel when I leave.

5. Get sick with a cold, then laryngitis then sinusitis!

Hang on, no! Getting sick was not part of then plan. It was an inconvenient addition that I did not expect. It would be rational to blame it on being run down from all the extra shifts I was doing, insomnia and the constant coffees, lunches and dinners with friends and family however I, rather than take responsibility for my bodies state of self inflicted exhaustion, would rather blame it on one of the many “man cold” patients who attend the ED. And when I say “man cold” I am referring to the state of mind and not the gender. Yes it effects women too! Anyway, I’ve always though laryngitis would be kind of funny to have. Can I tell you when you have a million phones calls to make…..not funny! I didn’t have a hoarse voice, i had no voice! If I had of made phone calls they would have sounded like some kind of whispering stalker person. And then to get sinusitis 2 days before a 21 hour flight, bahahahahahaing I was NOT!!!

So my to do lists went out the window which really challenged my organised and slightly perfectionist type personality. Suddenly I became a kai sera sera kind of person, ahhhh! Whatever will be might just be, but it can suck a whole lot as well. Having said that Europe prepared me well for the whole packing thing because I took significantly more than was necessary there and ended up shipping some things home! Really, in the end who cares if I wear the same things for the whole 2 months!? So my bags ended up consisting of the following:

Clothing – not much, yay for my discipline. And not a safari suit in sight.

Toiletries which I’ve had to double up on because shampoo, deodorant etc aren’t readily available and one cannot be stinky! Well one can if one chooses but I am not one of those ones and I do not choose. Huh?

10,000 (feels like) boxes of medication from the travel clinic along with letters stating, to the effect, that I’m not some drug dealer.

A bag just for big camera, little camera, phone, MP3, kindle, iPad and all the cords that come with said electronics. Hilarious! I’m going to Africa where electricity and wi-fi are intermittently available luxuries and I have a separate bag for all that, ah the modern age. See maybe I should have bought my expresso machine!

Finally a sleeping bag and mat because I’m camping for 55 days! Did I tell you that? CAMPING! I miss my bed already….

And so with bags packed I’m ready to go pat me some lions!


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