I’m so safari right now…..

Posted: 06/08/2011 in Africa

Pink Flamingo & Pelicans on Lake Nakuru

Early start today, we left at 7am for Nakuru national park for my first ever game drive, How I wish I could’ve worn some kind of safari suit but I don’t fancy looking like a complete tourist nob and so I don’t. Not that I actually own one, that would just be weird! This day is definitely on my list of the 10 most amazing things I have ever done. Every-time we turned a corner there was something new to see. James who has gone on many game drives, Keith who grew up in Kenya and Chris who has already seen a lot of Africa commented again and again on how rare it was to see what were seeing and especially all in one day. I was truly blessed just enjoying God’s amazing creation.

So what animals did I see? Grants gazelle, impala (beautiful deer), white rhino (uncommon to see), black rhino (endangered and rarely seen), hippopotamus (not often seen in Lake Nakuru), buffalo, roth Charles giraffe (only found in Lake Nakuru and 2 were fighting at the time with their weird bendy necks), baboon (strange animal), brevet monkey (cute tiny little thing), colubus monkey (fluffy black & white ones), warthog (hurrah for pumbah), varieties of pink flamingo, pelicans and numerous other bird life, zebra, agama (lizard), hyena (not often seen and it had kill) and lions.

The lion encounter was by far the most amazing and the intensity of the experience simply cannot be described. They were walking up the road when we saw them. A few trucks had already stopped and we pulled over where we could to photograph. We had only clicked off a few shots when they wandered into the bushes. Hoping we might be able to track them our 4×4 driver turned around putting us in front of the other 4×4’s. We thought we’d lost them when suddenly James shouted that they were up a tree. Our driver planted us right in front of the tree for the most amazing hour of photography I think I’ll get on this trip. I took around 700 photos just of the lions, obviously I won’t keep them all….maybe. There were 2 older females, a young female and 2 young males, unfortunately big daddy wasn’t around but apparently thats not uncommon. Lions don’t often climb trees and to see it is a rare occurrence. At one point all 5 of them were up there and I’ve got the photos to prove it. They took turns getting down and back up, snoozing and we even saw one of the females chase, but not catch, a gazelle! And this was only day 2, can it get any better than that?! James was looking through some of my photos today and commented that some could be sold professionally. Coming from a professional photographer that’s a big compliment. Its credit to his teaching though because I was putting into practice much of what he had taught us in only 2 short days. And that’s another bonus of such a small group – one on one teaching! A photography tour of Africa is definitely the way to go.

The surprises even continued into the evening, After a beautifully cooked meal by Ebron the camp guard went looking for camellians. We were told it was unlikely he’d find any as they are very hard to spot and most other groups don’t get to see them. However to our excitement he found 3. What prehistoric looking reptiles they are with such vibrant colours. It was the most amazing day and I feel as if I have been given a truly wonderful gift.

  1. Michelle Harding says:

    Keep them stories coming!! Bringing many smiles to my face. xx

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