My NOT favorite animal!!!!

Posted: 13/09/2011 in Africa

I’ve left Zambia and begun the Botswana leg of the trip and what a beautiful place it is, land of the elephants. Our campsite is average but the resort it’s attached to is beautiful and I decided to upgrade for the night. My room is a gorgeous roulade on the Chobe river where I sit on my balcony and watch the sun set. My first game drive is early in the morning. How I’m beginning to hate the early morning starts, those that know me know how much I hate mornings already! Of all the game drives I’ve done this was the most disappointing, we saw very little. Having said that I have been so beyond blessed with what I’ve seen on my other drives that my expectations are pretty high. The afternoon boat game drive however was another thing. We saw an abundance of birdlife, hippos, elephants, huge crocodiles and the most beautiful sunset. Not only did I get my hippo yawning shot but also a baby hippo yawning. Hippos are cute looking but scary creatures.

Hippo facts:
Hippopotamus means water cow
They can hold their breath under water for 16 minutes
They spend most of the day in water because their skin dries out very quickly
Hippos are fiercely territorial
Don’t get between a hippo and water (why would you anyway, like you can stop them getting there!)
They sound like they’re having a deep belly laugh when they make their call. Think count Dracula. Very creepy when spending the night on a river bank to wake to the sound of count Dracula laughing outside your tent.
Yawning is a warning sign to other animals…just showing you my big teeth buddy.
Their teeth are not only pointy and sharp and long but they actually shear next to each other when they close their mouth so they literally slice their prey in half as well as pierce them. Friendly!
For a fatty boom bah they can run fast
When they have a loo stop they spray their poop out and swish it from side to side with their tail. I’m guessing it’s a territorial thing otherwise that’s just freakin gross!

Nope, not a big fan of hippos.


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