A Morning Prayer

Posted: 14/12/2011 in Life
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A Morning Prayer

As I start this day dear Lord

My little prayer to you

Is that you would walk with me

In everything I do

Whether in valley or on mountain

In desert or by water

Whatever this new day may bring

Please Lord guide you daughter

Guard my heart, your dwelling place

I pray my thoughts stay pure

Fill me with your love instead

Your Spirit’s power to endure

Give me wisdom too Lord

And courage in my trials

Strength to resist temptation

And to frown less than I smile

Help me treat relationships

With a godly love

Strike down pride and envy

Let humility rise above

Open my eyes to suffering

To serve those with great need

Grant intolerance for injustice

Poverty, abuse and greed

May those whom I encounter

See Jesus within me

I pray my words and actions

Bare witness unto thee

May I always walk in your will

Be of service to others too

And when the day has ended

To hand it back to you.


© M.S 14/11/2011


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