The Little General Tips for Overseas Travel (Money & Valuables).

Posted: 12/01/2012 in General Travel Advice
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  • Check that your credit cards don’t expire while your away.
  • Of the ATM and credit cards you will be using overseas, notify your bank of your travel plans. If they notice transactions in a foreign country they may freeze your card which will be a hassle to have to sort out while on holiday.
  • Pacsafe have a number of anti-theft backpacks, money wallets and handbags that are great for use when travelling
  • Carry a small “false” wallet or purse with a few small notes (of whatever currency you’re using at the time). Either keep it in your pocket or within easy reach in your bag so that if you are robbed they take the fake one. They won’t stop to look at what’s inside but will run and then look. By then you’ll be gone.
  • Try not to be opening and closing your bag all the time, especially at night. I always keep a few notes in my pocket so that I have easy access for food or nik naks that way I don’t have to be rummaging through my bag for money.
  • While cloth hobo handbags look nice they are an easy target for a thief. It is very easy for them to use a pocket knife to slash through the straps and run off with it before you even know what’s happened.
  • Don’t withdraw money from ATM’s at night and try to find a machine that isn’t isolated.
  • Always keep your luggage locked, even if staying in a hotel. I’ve heard many stories about things being stolen from luggage. Use a padlock with a pin rather than keys which are easily lost.
  • Many hotels have room safes and you get to pick the pin number, just don’t forget it.  
  • Make sure you always have a supply of small cash for tipping.
  • A money pouch is a great idea. This can hold your passport plus cash. But don’t use it as a purse, you don’t want to be trying to access it under your clothes all the time, flashing around your cash.
  • If you have a DSLR camera it can be very annoying to have to keep taking it on and off your back to access your camera. I use a very handy camera bag called the lowepro sling. It’s an over the shoulder bag that fits a DSLR plus extra lens, pockets for your memory cards, spare battery and cleaning equipment plus space for miscellaneous items. Because it slings across your shoulder it is easy to get your camera in and out and also makes it harder for thieves to open as they would a backpack (and you’d be surprised at how adept they are at doing that).
  • You don’t have to walk around being paranoid and suspect everyone, just be careful and use your common sense. After all you’re there to have fun!

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