Wisdom from the Sound of Music….?

Posted: 05/02/2012 in God
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Why is it so hard to be still, to just stop and breathe in the fragrance of being alive? We have a thirst for activity whether we give an illusion of busyness or are in fact dictated to by the seemingly endless entries on our calendar. And this is not just a 21 century phenomenon – man’s quest for more; more entertainment, more toys, more fun, more possessions, greater self-fulfilment and increased recognition has existed for millennia. Who’d have thought I would hear quite such profound words as those uttered by Captain Von Trapp in the musical the sound of music. “Activity suggests a life filled with purpose”. For a moment I completely forgot what I was watching (and ceased throwing my anti-Baroness vibes at the TV) and considered what I had just heard. Isn’t that just so true for many of us today whether consciously or subconsciously?

We complain of there not being enough hours in the day or express the desire to just stop and rest and yet the very next moment sees us driving out to yet another dinner party or going to another movie that we may have already seen or catching up with a friend for another coffee. There is nothing overtly wrong with these things in balance but so often they consume our lives. In activity we think we find meaning. If I told you to go and sit in the park for an hour without your MP3, without a book, without a friend; just you and nature what would your response be? Perhaps, “what is the point”? Maybe, “what a waste of time”? Or even “but I’ll get nothing out of it”. If we simply live then die and there is nothing at all outside of that then indeed we would be wasting precious minutes. We would want to be remembered as someone who lived a full life, busy, prosperous and well loved. As far as the world is concerned human existence is all about us from the moment we are born until our final breath. But if our epitaph reads “He/she had a really busy life, that’s all…” does that mean we discovered meaning and found true contentment outside of possessions and friends?

I think the need to be busy arises from 3 views:

  1. To displace the thought that we are nothing more than a cosmic accident.
  2. To fulfil the need to be loved and wanted.
  3. The desire to make a difference in a world that for all intents and purposes makes no sense.

I don’t believe I am a cosmic accident and I know that there is someone who loves me with a love that cannot be matched on earth. And I believe I can, with His guidance and strength make a difference in this world that has God value that lasts rather than temporary earthly value. I have known this my whole life but have never really grasped it. Knowledge is one thing accepting its truth is another. And that is where I find myself today. The world is constantly telling me that I need to find my meaning in people and in tangible things; God is telling me that if I look to Jesus I will find out exactly who I am and as I begin to comprehend this truth I think my need to live a life of purposeless activity will be replaced by a dynamic life of glorious living, just as God promises (Ephesians 1:11).

NOTE: If you’re grappling with the meaning of life, the purpose of our existence, then can I suggest starting with a book called “The purpose-driven life” by Rick Warren.


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