The Little General Tips for Overseas Travel (Eating).

Posted: 07/02/2012 in General Travel Advice
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  • Take a couple of packets of noodles or muesli bars etc… if you’re arriving at your accommodation late at night. You might find you are hungry and room service is not available. Just don’t forget to declare them at customs.
  • Many hostels and hotels offer all you can eat breakfast. Unless otherwise indicated, save yourself some money and consider taking a piece of fruit and making yourself a sandwich for lunch.
  • Alternatively, pop into a local supermarket or deli for lunch. Many stock hot food or you can get a bread roll and some meat.
  • If eating out, look at where the locals eat. The food here will often be much better than the tourist haunts.
  • Some countries, like Spain, will place bread or appetisers in front of you. This is not always free so if you don’t want to pay, don’t touch it.
  • Other places such as Italywill charge you more for your coffee if you sit down, so unless you actually want a leisurely hour, drink it at the “bar”.
  • Tip varies from country to country so be sure to find out what the custom is before you dine.
  • Find out what the local specialities are and try them. You will discover a whole delicious world out there.
  • As I mentioned in my health post, be careful when eating in third world countries. Cooked well, no ice, no salads and be wary of seafood. Also be very cautious of food stalls. They smell delicious but the cooking and cleaning techniques will often leave you unwell.
  • As a traveller you will often find you do not eat as well as you do at home. Junk food often becomes a staple which will leave you feeling run down. Many hostels have cooking facilities so if you’re travelling for a while take a small empty container (a filled unlabelled one might not make it through customs) and once at your destination fill it with some cooking oil so you don’t have to carry a big bottle with you. Take a list of simple quick meals that you can easily make. This will save you money as well.
  • Avoid headaches and cramps by keeping well hydrated. A lot of site seeing and walking will deplete your fluids more than normal particularly in places like Africa.

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