About Me!

My school report cards consistently mentioned that while I was studious, I just needed to stop talking so much in class. On the other hand my skill for the written word was often pointed out. The internet has provided me with an opportunity to harness both talking and writing into one, through a blog. This is my way of telling the world everything “I reckon” about God and faith, travel and life. I am a passionate follower of Christ, a single woman, an emergency nurse, a musician, writer and traveller but does that define me? I don’t think so, at least not any more; I am more than a few words. As a thirty-something woman I have been shaped by many people and life experiences and only now am I starting to see the rich value in that.

In walking with God (and what a journey that has been!), travelling the world and experiencing life I have learnt much but I realise how little I actually know. I am only writing about my journey, my opinions and lessons I’ve learned along the way. You may agree, you may not. That’s ok, share your thoughts with me. If your willing to listen, I’m ready to talk and who knows where we’ll go…

  1. Michelle Jankovic says:

    Hello from afar. Just wanting to say will be reading your weblog and have been praying for your protection while away. Hope the flight went well and you don’t get to many blisters from walking : ) I will chat soon. Have the time of your life!!!

  2. That sounds like a good testimony to me!

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